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Howard Stribbell

CIEO Director of International Education

Howard has more than 10 years of experience as a principal of international schools and has served as school director and board member of many international schools. Through more than 20 years of experience in campus operation and management, Howard has demonstrated outstanding campus construction and system integration capabilities. He founded the Canadian Overseas Schools Association (COSA) and served as President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Macau. Howard has got a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from The University of Lethbridge and he is currently pursuing his PhD at Assumption University of Thailand.

Howard拥有超过10年的国际学校校长经验,并曾担任许多国际学校的校董和董事会成员。 通过在校园运营和管理方面的20多年经验中,Howard展示了出色的校园建设和系统优化能力。他成立了加拿大海外学校协会(COSA),并担任澳门加拿大商会会长。 Howard拥有莱斯布里奇大学(University of Lethbridge)的教育领导硕士学位,他目前正在泰国Assumption大学攻读博士学位。

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