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Danielle Sarah Atterby

Year 5

Danielle is a qualified teacher from the UK who graduated from the University of Derby with a BA (Hons) degree in English and History. Danielle continued studying at the University of Derby for her Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) where her special enhancement is primary foreign languages. She graduated from her PGCE course in 2019.

She has taught in a variety of different schools and contexts in the UK, and has experience teaching students who are EAL learners, both in the UK and in Guiyang, Guizhou.

Danielle taught Grade 1 (UK Year 2) at the Canadian International School before moving to BIS in August 2021 where she taught Years 4 and 5. Danielle also has her TEFL and Cambridge English Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) certificates.

Creating an inspiring environment where her students are engaged and able to be themselves is important to Danielle. Danielle likes to bring her passions into her teaching and enjoys making her lessons exciting and fun.

Danielle 是一名来自英国的获得资质的教师,毕业于德比大学,获得英语和历史学士(荣誉)学位。Danielle 继续在德比大学学习她的研究生教育证书 (PGCE)。她于 2019 年从 PGCE 课程毕业。

她曾在英国各种不同的学校和环境中任教,并拥有在英国和贵州贵阳教授 EAL 学生的经验。

Danielle 曾在一所国际学校教授过小学学生,然后于 2021 年 8 月来到英伦学校,在这里她教授四年级和五年级。Danielle 还拥有国际英语教师资格证书(TEFL)和剑桥英语教学知识测试 (TKT) 证书。

创造一个鼓舞人心的环境,让她的学生参与其中并能够成为自己,这对 Danielle 来说很重要。Danielle 喜欢将她的热情投入到她的教学中,并且喜欢让她的课程变得令人兴奋和有趣。

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