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Camilla Eyres

Secondary English & Literature

Camilla is entering her fourth year at BIS. She has approximately 25 years of teaching. She has taught in secondary schools, primary schools, and further education, both overseas and in the UK. She attended Canterbury University UK and gained a B.A degree in English. She later studied at Bath University and was awarded ‘Outstanding’ for her PGCE Teaching Diploma at secondary school level. Camilla has worked in Japan, Indonesia and Germany and has a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language from Trinity House, London as well as a Diploma in Teaching Literacy from Plymouth University UK.
Camilla believes that lessons should be challenging, varied and relevant, to help all children reach their potential. She encourages curiosity and independent thinking but is careful to provide a solid foundation first. Other skills, such as giving a presentation, team work, problem-solving and target-setting also form part of lessons. The aim is to ensure that students leave school feeling confident, and with qualifications and skills to help them find their path in the world. 

Camilla在英伦学校即将进入她的第四个年头。她有大约 25 年的教学经验。她曾在海外和英国的中学、小学和继续教育任教。她就读于英国坎特伯雷大学并获得了英语学士学位。后来她在巴斯大学学习,并因其中学阶段的 PGCE 教学文凭而被授予“杰出”奖。Camilla曾在日本、印度尼西亚和德国工作,并拥有伦敦三一学院的英语作为外语/第二语言教学文凭以及英国普利茅斯大学的教学素养文凭。

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