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Our LocationNo. 4 Chuangjia Road, Jinshazhou,
Baiyun District, Guangzhou City 510168

Camilla Eyres

Secondary English & Literature

Its her third year at BIS and she will be teaching secondary. She has approximately twenty-five yearsexperience of teaching young people. In the past she has lived and worked in three other countries: Japan, Indonesia and Germany. Over a ten-year period. she enjoyed helping her students learn about the world and appreciate their classmatesnationality and culture.

今年是CamillaBIS 的第3年,她将担任中学的老师。她有超过25年的教学经验。她曾在日本,印度尼西亚和德国这三个国家生活和工作过。她很乐于帮助学生了解世界,并欣赏他们的国家和文化。

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