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Our LocationNo. 4 Chuangjia Road, Jinshazhou,
Baiyun District, Guangzhou City 510168

Thomas Anthony Stone


Tom graduated in Multimedia Design at Huddersfield University. He has worked in a variety of creative industries including; filmmaking, marketing, graphic design, digital print and event organising, gaining valuable experience in relevant industries to his profession. He was introduced to teaching through voluntary youth and community work, receiving a national award for innovation for developing creative youth projects which had a positive  impact in the community. He obtained his PTTLs teaching qualification and started teaching life long learning skills at a pupil referral unit (PRU) in Derbyshire, UK. Furthering his passion for teaching, Tom gained his TEFL and TKT before moving to teach English in Guiyang, China, using multimedia skills to design engaging teaching resources and online video tutorials. Tom moved to Guangzhou and has achieved his iPGCE, and currently using his professional knowledge, industry experience and specialist skills to elevate and enhance STEAM education at BIS.

Tom毕业于哈德斯菲尔德大学多媒体设计专业。他曾在各种创意行业工作,包括:电影制作、市场营销、平面设计、数字印刷和活动组织,在相关行业获得了宝贵的经验。他通过志愿活动和社区工作转向了教学工作,并因对社区产生积极影响的创意青年项目而获得国家创新奖。他获得了PTTLs教学资格,并开始在英国德比郡的一个学生推荐单位 (PRU) 教授终身学习技能。出于对教学的热情,Tom获得了国际英语教师资格证(TEFL)和剑桥英语教学能力证书(TKT),之后前往中国贵阳教英语,利用多媒体技能设计引人入胜的教学资料和在线视频教程。Tom来到广州并获得了国际教育学教师资格(iPGCE),目前正在利用他的专业知识、行业经验和专业技能来提升和加强英伦学校的STEAM教学。

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