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Raed Ayoubi


Mr. Raed Ayoubi was raised in the famous state of New South Wales, Sydney in Australia.

Ray had a rewarding eight-year career in the criminal justice field.

In 2019, Raed moved with his family to beautiful China to teach English. However,

he quickly fell in love with teaching and never returned home.

Over the past three years, Raed has taught English to young learners in Chinese Montessori Schools and he proved to be a great team leader and teacher.

Since arriving in China, he has lived in Foshan and now Guangzhou.

Raed’s teaching objective is to ensure that students not only learn but increase their confidence and mostly have fun while learning.

Besides teaching, Raed also enjoys the outdoors, volunteer work and traveling. Raed is very excited to join the BIS team and looks forward to meeting you.

Raed A youbi 先生在澳大利亚著名的新南威尔士州悉尼长大。他在刑事司法领域的八年职业生涯收获颇丰。2019 年, Raed 和家人搬到美丽中国教英语。他很快就爱上了教书,从此就留在这里。

在过去的三年里, Raed 在中国的蒙台梭利学校教授英语,他证明了自己是一个优秀的团队领导者和老师。自从来到中国,他一直居住在佛山,现在在广州。

Raed 的教学目标是确保学生不仅能学习,而且能增加他们的信心,在学习的过程中获得乐趣。

除了教书, Raed 还喜欢户外、志愿者工作和旅游。Raed 非常高兴加入 BIS 团队,期待与您见面。

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