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Daisy Dai

Art & Design

Daisy Dai graduated from New York Film Academy, majoring in photography. She worked as an intern photojournalist for an American charity-Young Men's Christian Association. During this period, her works appeared in Los Angeles Times. After graduation, she worked as a news editor for Hollywood Chinese TV and a freelance photojournalist in Chicago. She interviewed and photographed Hong Lei, the former spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the current Chinese Consul General in Chicago. Daisy has 5 years experience in teaching Art&Design and art portfolio preparation for college admissions.

Daisy Dai 研究生毕业于美国纽约电影学院,主修摄影专业。曾在美国慈善组织青年基督教担任实习摄影记者。在此期间,拍摄作品登上洛杉矶时报。毕业后,曾在美国好莱坞中文卫视担任新闻编辑,在芝加哥作为自由摄影记者,曾多次采访并拍摄前外交部发言人、现中国驻芝加哥总领事洪磊。2016年回国后,一直从事艺术教学和作品集辅导工作,有丰富的A-LevelIB艺术学科辅导经验,并曾帮助很多学生拿到名校offer

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