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Our LocationNo. 4 Chuangjia Road, Jinshazhou,
Baiyun District, Guangzhou City 510168

Yvonne Huang

Reception TA

Yvonne has been engaged in education for nearly 13 years since she graduated from Sun Yat sen University. She holds TESOL International English teacher, national English teacher and general practice teacher qualification certificates. She has overseas working experience, nearly 9 years of working experience in bilingual kindergartens and English institutions, and has been rated as an excellent instructor in many national oral English competitions. She is also a practitioner of international education. She attaches great importance to integrating international educational resources and guiding children to participate and win awards in international competitions organised in the United States, Australia and Singapore.
Yvonne is also a national second-class athlete. She likes sports and singing. She prefers reading to enrich herself. She hopes to make progress and grow together with all her children here.


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