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Our LocationNo. 4 Chuangjia Road, Jinshazhou,
Baiyun District, Guangzhou City 510168

Peter Zeng


Mr. Zeng was born in China but raised in Cambridge, United Kingdom,studied and graduated from the University of Bradford with a degree in Chemistry. He is well-versed in using social skills and empathy to manage behaviour; Utilize feedback and reactions from students to create outstanding lesson plans that take into account of the students’ interests and the strengths and weaknesses of students. Experienced in instructing ages from three to fourteen, and class sizes of up to 14 students. Created many fun and interesting activities that enhanced the students’ language skills and their transferable skills.

曾老师是一位在中国出生,英国成长的外籍老师, 毕业于University of Bradford获得了化学学位。善于使用社交技巧并有同理心来管理学生行为。考虑到学生们的兴趣和优缺点, 并根据学生的反馈和反应制定优秀的课程计划。有指导年龄从3到14岁,班级规模高达14人的教学经验,教学期间, 创造了许多有趣的游戏和活动, 有效提高学生的语言能力和他们的可转移性技能。

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