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Michele Geng

Chinese Teacher

Michele is from China and graduated from Chongqing Technology and Business University. She has been involved in the education industry for seven years, and in 2019 she went to Bandung, Indonesia as a first-year early childhood Mandarin teacher, studying the International Curriculum for Young Children. From 2020 to 2022, she went to Spring Field International School in Jakarta, Indonesia as a primary school Mandarin teacher for two years, studying the IB curriculum. During this time, her students have made great progress mandarin and achieved excellent results in the international "Chinese Bridge" competition. She is a lovely and kind teacher who is good at literature and art, and full of creativity. In her classroom, she always integrates some new and interesting things into the teaching, so that students have a strong interest. She focuses on cultivating students' understanding of Chinese culture and stage expression. She respects and encourage severy student and believes that great ideals are achieved by themselves!

Michele⽼师来⾃于中国,毕业于重庆⼯商⼤学。她投身教育⾏业⻓达七年的时间,在2019年时,她曾赴印尼万隆伊斯梅尔国际幼儿园(Ismile International Preschool)担任⼀年的幼⼉中⽂⽼师,学习了幼⼉国际课程。并在2020年⾄2022年赴印尼雅加达春田国际学校(Spring Field International School)担任两年的⼩学中⽂⽼师,学习了IB课程。在此期间,她的学⽣中⽂都取得了很⼤的进步,并在国际“汉语桥”的⽐赛中取得了优异的成绩。她是⼀位可爱善良,擅⻓⽂艺,充满创造⼒的⽼师。在她的课堂上,她总是把⼀些新奇有趣的事物融⼊到教学中,让学⽣产⽣浓厚的兴趣。她注重培养学⽣对于中国⽂化的理解⼒和舞台表现⼒。她尊重和⿎励每⼀位学⽣,并相信伟⼤的理想是由他们⾃⼰所实现!

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