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Our LocationNo. 4 Chuangjia Road, Jinshazhou,
Baiyun District, Guangzhou City 510168

Susan Li


Susan is a musician, a violinist, a professional performer, and now a proud teacher at BIS Guangzhou, after she returned from England, where she gained her Master Degrees and subsequently taught violin for years. 

Susan graduated from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and then Guildhall School of Music & Drama with her Master’s Degrees in Pedagogy & Performance Teaching, following her Bachelor’s Degree in Violin Performance gained at Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

Susan had held multiple concerts and also attended music competitions as member of committee/judges. She is passionate in teaching with fruitful experience in helping pupils through their professional path in music, where cultural boundaries had never weakened her ambition in linking communities by sharing music.


Susan毕业于广州星海音乐学院 [ 小提琴演奏专业 - 学士学位 ],英国皇家伯明翰音乐学院 [ 音乐表演与教育学 - 双硕士学位 ],以及英国伦敦市政厅音乐及戏剧学院 [ 音乐教育 - 硕士学位 ]。


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