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Our LocationNo. 4 Chuangjia Road, Jinshazhou,
Baiyun District, Guangzhou City 510168





School Facilities

At BIS we have the benefit of large open areas and classrooms that allow for a wide range of academic and non-academic activities. For example, the Early Years programme not only has large classrooms, they have dedicated rooms for snacks, naps, a play room and a large open-area 'free-flow' space that allows young minds to learn through exploration.

All classrooms are large spaces, and accommodate learning areas, reading zones and experimentation zones.

Our school library is well stocked, with an impressive range of fiction, non-fiction and graded readers for students of all ages. We have a school librarian and there is a study area with desks, as well as comfortable reading chill-out furniture. All students are encouraged to make use of the library, as well as teachers booking the library for lessons, we run library sessions in the morning, at break and at lunch time.

BIS has a two fully equipped STEAM and ICT labs. The ICT lab has the latest in 3d printing, coding software and school robotics equipment. Our practical STEAM lab allows students to take a hands-on approach to learning and has workstations and handtools.

All classrooms are fitted with interactive white boards and teachers have use of class sets of ipads, in order to fully integrate digital learning into lessons. We also have a large 75'' Clevertouch LED screen that can supplement the interactive white boards. Our digital resources allow for highly collaborative and interactive teaching and learning.

The school is equipped with both a dedicated art room and separate music room. BIS is committed to providing the materials for both 2d and 3d arts projects. As well as this, students make full use of the multi-purpose learning zones and large open spaces. Music students have access to a range of instruments, as well as individual sound proofed practice rooms.

Our dance studio and multi-purpose room are used through the year for PE lessons and Extra Curricular options, designed to give students an all-round approach to physical education.

We have two main outside spaces for students. A dedicated Early Years play and Explore zone, which is integrated into the student's learning time and include emphasis on a multi-sensory experience. We have another large outdoor zone which includes two all-weather pitches and two separate running tracks. We have a large range of sports and exercise equipment which further enhance our PE programme.

We would welcome parents to come and see how the space is used in and out of classrooms to allow for movement and exploration in our lessons.
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Weekly Communication between Parents and Teachers

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